We're a website crafting, storytelling, doodle designing, aesthetically pleasing, all-you-can-eat design duo

Working as both as individuals and as a team - we’ve worked on a range of very different digital products. 

Bringing knowledge from our work in corporations, start ups and digital design agencies, we're here to craft the digital product that works for you

Meet us?



Kit Hardy, UX/UI Designer

As a UX/UI designer I've worked with huge multitude of clients in my work with digital agencies, so there's no challenge that I haven't undertaken! 

My background in architecture means I bring a lot of detail orientation and perfectionism to my design work, and always want to ensure the products I create are visually stunning.


Siobhan Weber, UX/UI Designer

In my UX career so far I've worked as a freelancer, for a small tech start up, in a very large company, and as a UX consultant.


With a background in filmmaking, graphic design, and screenwriting, I love bringing narrative structure and moments of delight to my work! 

In my spare time I hang out with my golden retriever, watch a lot of netflix and read a lot of books.