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APRIL 2018 : A redesign of a record label & music platform 

The Challenge

For the last community project as part of the UX RED Academy program, we were asked to create a website redesign. Our client was YAM, a record label and online music platform. The mission was to redesign a website that focused on both parts of the business, allowing equal care and usability to the record label as well as the e-commerce segment that focused on selling records.


They also wanted to have a website design that would cater to the original YAM music community whilst incorporating their forward-thinking vision. YAM Records had previously been a vinyl shop as well as a label, but had moved from the physical to the virtual realm with their business as they were beginning to focus more on the record label side of their business.


All of the original goals set at the start by the client have been achieved, much to our delight. The project was fascinating. It was really interesting to learn about parts of the music industry, especially how vinyl is making a come back in the music industry. We definitely think adding in additional features, like the music player, was one of the highlights for me, as bringing in a small feature can create a big impact on the user engagement and navigation.


Bringing in the quirky personality into the design was a very enjoyable part for us, from adding the new wacky YAM genres to creating a very entertaining final checkout page. We enjoyed being able to convey this atmosphere and feel into the final design for YAM, especially as we consider ourselves to have a similar zany personality, so it is great when the user and your own ideas can align. Overall this was a fantastic project to work on and we feel that we really have given the best solution for the users.

Prototype & Full Case Study

Prototype Scenario  —  Your task is to purchase the Oren Armbarchi album, under the Recently Bought section on the records page. Afterwards, you can explore the other pages to find out more about YAM’s label, events and genres.

The Business Goals

Build the brand by nurturing the YAM FAM with features they will love.

Create a 50/50 label and shop focus on the site. 

Bring awareness to the record label & events.

Sell records, digital music and merchandise profitably.

Bring in a seamless Listening/Add/Preview/Buy feature.

Discover & Recommending music — Bring the in-store experience online.

The Final Result


May 2018 : A redesign of a website for a refugee / asylum

seeker information outreach charity

As a freelance project for our client an information outreach refugee charity Asylum Links, we were charged with the challenge of redesigning their website intended for a western audience

The website they had previously been updating through Wordpress was outdated and was in serious need of an updated design to help them with their primary business objectives of the time - to gain more volunteers to join their cause and to gain donations and grants - in order to achieve this they needed a website that made them look far more legitimate and would incite confidence in both potential volunteers and potential donors within the cause.

One of the biggest issues that were prevalent within the previous website was the fact that what the charity actually did was vague and unclear, and we knew we would have to sort this out first.


Prototype & Full Case Study


UX / UI Desktop & Web App Prototype

The Challenge


The Business Goals

Get Volunteers

Get Donations

Appeal to Western Audience

Social media Ecosystem

Be inspired

The Final Result

Upon reflection of the project, I believe that we did a successful job in following the processes we needed to in order to implement the features that were best suited for what the organisation is trying to achieve.

In terms of further development there were one or two areas that we could see ourselves were perhaps more suited to them as they developed as an organisation and had more team members to support the website, such as other fundraising options, a video section, and a more specific breakdown of the allocation of funds — such as we’d seen on competitors websites.


The client was pleased with the final product and we’re confident that it’ll be a fundamental element in the progression of the organisation’s amazing work. As a team we were incredibly humbled and impressed with the work that they undertake and the positive attitude that they encompass as a team.

In fact, if you’ve checked out our prototype and were just as inspired as we were by this great organisation please do head on over to their current website (if ours has not been implemented yet) and please make a donation.

Client Response

They produced an inspiring design for us, and they delivered it on time. Very good value! Kit and Siobhan have worked for us as UX/UI Designers. They built a new design for our website and a new communication strategy for our organisation. 


They delivered a complete set of designs for our website with a quality above expectations. They produced a consistent design language that shows what we are all about.


Demetrio Martinez  (Asylum Links Co-Founder)




UX / UI Desktop & Web App Prototype

JULY 2018 : A website design for a business consultancy. 


Think Next render.jpg

The Challenge

With our clients ThinkNext, a business consultancy specialising in innovation within the healthcare sector, we were challenged with the prospect of building a website that would appeal to potential clients as well as attract recruits for the relatively new venture. 

The website would act as a platform from which clients could establish the legitimacy of not only the business itself but it's position in thought leadership within the industry - as well as accentuate the particular expertise within the health sector that ThinkNext had catered to. 

It was also an opportunity to practice and hone our abilities at designing almost primarily for mobile users as the client found that many of her users would be on-the-go and would be checking her website through their phones, so it was a fantastic opportunity to implement our knowledge of website design intended for mobile use.


The Business Goals

Appeal to potential clients

Accentuate the business'  particular expertise in healthcare innovation

Attract potential employees to the company

Present the business with an approachable personality

Ensure the website is entirely mobile friendly

The Final Result

Given the shorter scope for the project than usual we found, surprisingly, that we were relatively pleased with the final result and the client seemed happy with the website. Much of our process was consumed with implementing the correct features for the website that would be appropriate for the purposes of the business - however we found that a particularly difficult part of the process was attempting to bridge the gap between a non-existent visual identity and attempting to accentuate the business' USPs. 

In terms of further development, we hope to continue working with our client in terms of aiding in establishing a firmer visual identity for the brand and using this as a basis to move forward with the personality of the website, as well as slowly implementing more features as they are needed when the business grows - such as a blog and an extension of the 'team' page. 

It would have been great to have more time in which to research and interview target users however we feel that within the time limitations the product we created is a great way for our client to start developing a brand personality and gives her clients a platform on which to be reassured of the depth of her expertise and the quality of her services.

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